Hart Springs review

Hart Springs 8/23/14….

Nice picnic area, several covered pavilions..

Two swimming areas, one is overrun with 10-15 yr olds playing king of the floating dock.  The other swimming area is where the headspring is, much clearer water and a small jump off maybe 4 feet above the surface of the water… see instagram video http://instagram.com/p/sDXChzq4ii/

There’s a store on-premises you can rent swimming gear, floaties, boards..  but no canoes or kayaks that we saw.

RATINGS (1-10)

Cost – 3

$12 to get in with 2 adults and 2 children…. costlier than I would have liked.

Water Clarity – 4

Only good area for underwater viewing is by the headspring… the other swimming area is too dark, cloud, overrun

Thrills – 5

There is a floating dock if you can get up on there without being pummeled by teenagers, and there is a small jump off at the headspring

Picnic areas and amenities – 7

Plenty of pavilions available, and full bathrooms on site

Overall – 5

hart main swimming area

main swimming area

hart headspring


hart headspring rail

looking out over headspring

hart floating dock

floating dock






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